LilySlim Weight loss tickers

LilySlim Weight loss tickers

Friday, May 27, 2011


So last Tuesday i had my 2nd adjustment. I am at 6cc's now. And the band is too tight. :/ I havent ate much of anything but some protein shakes. A bit of chicken here and there. lol I need to go back and have them remove 1cc. But ill wait for a little bit. I was able to eat some chicken from Del Taco with lettuce and cheese. It was super good! I've lost 4 lbs since Tuesday. Woot woot! I am almost at 50 lbs gone! I only have 15 lbs before i hit the 100's. I feel awesome! I know that this is gonna happen slowly (the weight loss) but i hope i can lose these 15 lbs by my next appt in 7 weeks!
I really need to get into the gym. I keep saying I am going to go, but the gym is so far from my house. I need to get rid of that membership and go to 24 hour fitness. Or just get that home Gym thing and do some work outs at home? Where would i store that thing though? Hmmmm I need to work on my arms and my tummy. Can anyone suggest some stomach work outs I can do at home?
Until next time....

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Almost 4 months..

So next tuesday it will be 4 months since I had the band put in. I am down 42 lbs. I am stuck here. Been this weight for a few weeks now. I am not sure what I am doing wrong (no excercise). I do get an adjustment on the 16th, thank goodness! I think i need it. I am getting tired of eating chicken :( But really, beef does not sit well in my tummy and pork chops either. So shredded chicken it is. I dont have much to say today. I just felt like i wasnt posting enough so i thought i'd post and then add a picture. This picture keeps amazing me. I feel like I dont look like that. I guess its all in my mind because pictures dont lie. Either way, I feel great and I am thankful for my weight loss i have had. This is a slow process, well that is what I have to keep reminding myself. It has only been 4 months. Someone I know has had it a year with only a 25 lb loss. So I am happy to be where I am! Now if i can just get my butt into the gym, it would be great!

Me -42 lbs