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LilySlim Weight loss tickers

Friday, February 11, 2011


So this was the day of the surgery. Me and my momma!

And this is me today

You can already see a difference in my face and I am loving it. I look so much better!

Back to Normal

Okay so not really. But I am now back working. 3 weeks off was enough i suppose. I am still sore. Things are going well on my first day back. I cant get comfy though while sitting at my desk. And i need a nap badly!
Feb 11th.

So I have not been able to finish a dang blog. So this week has tested me. It is so hard to be at work and eat properly. Sometimes I wish i had taken all 6 weeks off so that i could have at least had time to stop all soreness! Anyway I am unsure if i have lost anymore weight because well i feel like I have due to my clothes being loose on me and my face being smaller but my scale says no. :( One day at a time I suppose. I can not wait to go back to a support meeting and another nutrition class. I think i need to brush up on my information.

I feel good though all in all. I will post some pictures this weekend from my mom's computer. Since my laptop is broken. You can see the weight loss in my face.