LilySlim Weight loss tickers

LilySlim Weight loss tickers

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Adjustment and things...

So I went ahead and got the adjustment done last Thursday. My band is pretty tight. I had my first stuck episode today. I decided to try some chicken breast from a Chinese food place even though my gut told me "Do NOT do it" It smelled so yummy but i know chicken breast is just too thick for me. Welp one piece in and yep at my work desk I went to the bathroom several times to get rid of it. Good Lord when will i finally realize i need to go with my first instinct. I ended up giving my lunch to my co-worker who I obviously feed well! lol Guess I will look back and maybe this post will remind myself to NOT eat chicken breast no matter how good it smells.

Anyway so I am enjoying this whole working out thing. My body, no so much. But it will get used to it right? I mean who likes to feel like their arms are going to fall off from weights? Its crazy how just a year ago I couldn't even do a full workout without being overly tired! Now I am just loving it. Gives me a release of stress! I do 30 mins on the elliptical. Then I go to the weight machines and work on my inner & outer thighs, my arms and my booty!  Then the Sauna. I am there for a good hour 45 mins. And sometimes I go during lunch time and do 20 mins of cardio then weight machines for about 20 mins. I hope I see the scale move soon.

I have a confession, I have been drinking soda *sigh* I try so hard to not drink it. But its the only caffeine I get. :( I gotta stop. Anyone have any tips? Because as long as I am drinking it, I wont be able to lose.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Hungry, I think....

*sigh* Yes, I am. There are days where I can eat so much and other days where, umm yea not so much. I have a hard time knowing when I am hungry for real or just want to eat for comfort. Today, I had some breakfast, 2 eggs and a couple of home-style potatoes pieces and welp, 3 bites in and I'm stuck. So maybe a fill isn't in my best interest. I want to always feel optimistic about my journey but lets face it, its not always peaches and cream. There are days where I think, Why did I do this to myself. But then I look at an old picture and think "THATS WHY FATTY"
Oakland 2009
I think I was at my highest weight at this point. You see that tummy?! Gorda! That was a year and some months before I have the band put in place. And there I was happy as pie. Goodness! Anyway, sorry I started to go off into another direction. Anyway, why is it I am still having a hard time knowing when its actual hunger or if I think I am hungry. So all my friends who have the band, how do you know when you are actually hungry? Do you have set times when you eat? Do you really drink water throughout the day like you are supposed to? Do you ever get like me and miss eating food the way you used to?
So many questions I have that I know happen to others but I still feel alone in this... Its crazy!
Any lapbanders in the So Cal area, message me. I am thinking of some how doing some type of "meet-up group" I think having friends who are understanding of what we go through is important. Support is the key to success


Tuesday, March 13, 2012

To Fill or not to Fill

So Thursday I have an appt with the lap-band doc. I am at 7.1cc's at this point and have some restriction. Since I didn't lose last time they wanted to see me in 6 weeks from my last appointment. I am sure they will ask me if I want an adjustment. And I am not sure if I do. I know if I do, and its too much, i will be back removing it ASAP. It has been a year and 2 months since I have gotten the band put in.  Whatever shall I do?
So I got a 24 hour gym pass like I had promised I would when I got back from Atlanta. Boy oh boy am I sore. I go every other day or so. It feels good to work out. Sometimes I sneak a 30-45 minute workout in at lunch time on my work days so I don't have to go late at night. I am so not a night person anymore. Today at the gym, when my 30 mins was done, I felt like I could have done more. Which is awesome! When I go at night with David, we stay for about an hour and half. 30 minutes is doing cardo, the other time is doing weight then 10 minutes is in the sauna. That sauna feels good after I walk out.
I am proud of myself that I am actually sticking to this gym thing. Usually I would have said forget this madness but I have a goal I need to reach.
I want to lose 50 pounds by my 33rd birthday in December. Is it possible? Yes, I am sure it is. Will I do it? I sure hope so.
So lap-banders shall I fill or not? Gimme advice.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

So my Atlanta trip has came and gone. I miss it dearly already. While I was in Atlanta, I lost 5 pounds. It probably had something to do with the fact I was walking a lot, and my food intake was minimal. The weather was cold, a Cali girl isn't used that that kinda stuff!
Anyway, while I was there I was tattooed by the best ever Melvin Todd. He added to my arm. My arm is beautiful. I also did a photo shoot while I was there. You can check me out Loveless Erica. It has a little interview and some amazing pictures. I fall in love with my arm all over again and a little bit more each day. Oh and I also am the proud owner of the very first Loveless Society painting. It sits on my side table in my room.
Please go to the site and read about Cupid. He's an awesome Cherub and what he stands for is even better.
Go ahead and check the site and let me know what you think.