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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Hungry, I think....

*sigh* Yes, I am. There are days where I can eat so much and other days where, umm yea not so much. I have a hard time knowing when I am hungry for real or just want to eat for comfort. Today, I had some breakfast, 2 eggs and a couple of home-style potatoes pieces and welp, 3 bites in and I'm stuck. So maybe a fill isn't in my best interest. I want to always feel optimistic about my journey but lets face it, its not always peaches and cream. There are days where I think, Why did I do this to myself. But then I look at an old picture and think "THATS WHY FATTY"
Oakland 2009
I think I was at my highest weight at this point. You see that tummy?! Gorda! That was a year and some months before I have the band put in place. And there I was happy as pie. Goodness! Anyway, sorry I started to go off into another direction. Anyway, why is it I am still having a hard time knowing when its actual hunger or if I think I am hungry. So all my friends who have the band, how do you know when you are actually hungry? Do you have set times when you eat? Do you really drink water throughout the day like you are supposed to? Do you ever get like me and miss eating food the way you used to?
So many questions I have that I know happen to others but I still feel alone in this... Its crazy!
Any lapbanders in the So Cal area, message me. I am thinking of some how doing some type of "meet-up group" I think having friends who are understanding of what we go through is important. Support is the key to success


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