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LilySlim Weight loss tickers

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Liquid Diet

So I went to my one on one with Dr. Ali. He asked if i could go on a liquid diet until my surgery. So here I am, Day 2 and im so cranky! I am starving! I am actually doing breakfast and lunch slimfast and dinner a small meal - chicken or something like that and lots of veggies! Last night I was fine with dinner. I was full. It's during the day when I feel like biting someone's head off cus im so dang hungry! It isnt easy working customer service with this 'tude! My surgery is in 20 days. I am excited, nervous, anxious. I have so many different emotions. I keep thinking, what will i look like when its all done with? Will I have to get reconstructive surgery? Hmm Anyway I'm at work so i gotta go..
Lord give me strength to get past these next few days...


Saturday, December 11, 2010

Are those your daughters clothes?

So got a text message that said something like ' the cameraphone game send the 4th picture in your phone and fwd let's see how many crazy pics u can get' so thought okay I am bored ill send one. it just so happens that the 4th pic was one that had taken yesterday morning. a full body shot that I had taken as a reminder my shirt was a sweater top and pants, some fitted jeans. anyway I sent it and I got the response 'are those your daughters clothes' which offended me because they were not too small. they were just fitted! we all know that if a big girl wears big clothes they look bigger. Anyway felt so self concious the rest of the day even after being complimented. what my 'friend' had said left a lil scar on the way felt about myself! so lemme explain the pics - the first one obviously is what i wore to work. the 2nd one is my daughters dress lmao which is way too short and too small for my boobs i can still put it on lol smh anyway sometimes things said from the people you actually care about is worse than things being said from someone who you dont care about..

Friday, December 10, 2010

38 Days

So its only 38 days until my surgery! I am super excited yet nervous! Like how do you prepare to have the lapband? Only 12 more days til i go to the one on one with the doctor. I cant believe this is finally happening for me. I am not even sure on what to say right now. I just thought since I havent blogged nearly as much as I have wanted to I should post something. My eating habits lately have been horrible - Shame on me for not eating better. I need more veggies in my diet. I shall go to get some today after work. I have so much going on in my life right now. Surgery coming, Birthday coming, school starting. How am I ever going to keep up with all of this? I know, God will lead me on the right path. This is actually the happiest I have been in a long while. I am feeling motivated. Like Yes, I can do this. Sure it wont be easy, but really is anything ever easy in my life? I am already planning my one year visit to ATL for after my surgery. I sure do wish Miya took appts hella far in advance cus i sure would book him for jan 2012 lmao.
Anyway, I am unsure of what types of protein shakes I should buy, well cus i know they are going to be nasty and chalky. :( I need to get out my folder and start looking at my notes i wrote in my classes. I better get back to work. lol - i have added a pic of me from this morning..