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Friday, December 10, 2010

38 Days

So its only 38 days until my surgery! I am super excited yet nervous! Like how do you prepare to have the lapband? Only 12 more days til i go to the one on one with the doctor. I cant believe this is finally happening for me. I am not even sure on what to say right now. I just thought since I havent blogged nearly as much as I have wanted to I should post something. My eating habits lately have been horrible - Shame on me for not eating better. I need more veggies in my diet. I shall go to get some today after work. I have so much going on in my life right now. Surgery coming, Birthday coming, school starting. How am I ever going to keep up with all of this? I know, God will lead me on the right path. This is actually the happiest I have been in a long while. I am feeling motivated. Like Yes, I can do this. Sure it wont be easy, but really is anything ever easy in my life? I am already planning my one year visit to ATL for after my surgery. I sure do wish Miya took appts hella far in advance cus i sure would book him for jan 2012 lmao.
Anyway, I am unsure of what types of protein shakes I should buy, well cus i know they are going to be nasty and chalky. :( I need to get out my folder and start looking at my notes i wrote in my classes. I better get back to work. lol - i have added a pic of me from this morning..


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