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Monday, April 30, 2012

Rude People

So I have been thinking about posting this since Thursday and well I am just going to post it and if someone has a problem, oh well.
So my son plays baseball and my ex-husbands sister came to his game. Its very well known she does not like me, and I don't care much for her. She acts like shes better than others. Pssshhh please, I know your past. Its way worse than all of my "mistakes" 10 times over. ANYWAY so the coach asked me "Is your mother in law coming?" I laugh and say "Um shes not my mother in law" in a joking manner. We always joke that way. So my snotty ass ex sister in law says "you should say you EX mother in law" as if anyone was speaking to her. I turn around and say, "your mom actually asked me if it was okay to just say my daughter in law because it is an awkward situation saying ex daughter in law" and turn back around.
Fine, i get it, you don't like me. You don't have to. I had three kids with your brother not you. Mind your damn business. My ex's mom and I get along fine. We don't always agree on things but I do love her. She has been there for me even after David and I divorced. Hell I see her more than her own kid does!
I never will understand her need to make snotty comments. She needs to worry about why she looks older than my mother yet shes younger by a few years maybe 10.
Anyway that was mean. But whatever. I'm done venting.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Band so tight..

that I actually feel a good amount of restriction. Which makes me happy! I went to dinner with my co-workers yesterday and ordered blackened talipia, Mac and Cheese and Garlic mashed potatoes. Where was my mind at when I was ordering. No Veggies. *shrugs* Anyway so I had all of 3 bites of the fish, 2 of the mac n cheese and 3 of the garlic potatoes and i was full. I was totally okay with that. It felt good knowing that I was feeling restriction. Guess I should eat properly and I would feel this way more often.
So my leg is still hurt. Here I am 3 weeks later and I am still having issues. It moves a bit more but I am super stiff in the morning. It takes a while to get my leg moving. MRI is tomorrow morning. Hopefully its nothing serious or I didn't damage it more by walking on it.
So I guess I should have finished this blog. LOL Oh well I didn't.
I got my MRI on Saturday. Um is it supposed to hurt? I didn't think so. While they were doing it i felt pin and needles in my knee and it started to spasm. Not cool. AT ALL.

So now we shall see what is going on with my knee. I am kind of sick of walking crazy!

This weekend went by too quickly. We had the little league carnival Sunday. I was out there most of the day. Got home, cooked some yummy chicken with some bacon and cheese over it. The most delicious chicken I have ever made! lol And baked sweet potatoes. I kind of want to cook that tonight as well but the boy has a baseball game so I am sure I will be eating an El Pollo Loco side salad and a chicken leg.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

"I Love Dom, That Should Be Your New Tat"

Sooo last night was the Dom Kennedy show. Let me just say I am in LOVE with him now. I had a great time. Sang along to all his stuff and got close enough to him for him to grab my hand. So now we go together - in my mind. *insert giggle* I actually bought one of his shirts, I have never ever purchased a shirt at a concert because well I think, come on now, are you really going to wear this? But YES, I will be wearing my Dom OPM shirt proudly! Here are a couple of pictures I took with my wack Blackberry...
My Boo on stage with Polyester
I was lovin them Red shoes!

Don't mind the messy face, it was hot in there. But yea, after the show!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Happy Happy Joy Joy

On to better news....
I get to go see my boo Dom Kennedy tomorrow! I am super excited! I haven't gone to a concert in a while and have never seen him perform. For some reason I enjoy his music even though he is kinda ratchet. I still have no idea what I am going to wear. I thought about my blue sweater dress with the black belt and some cute strappy black sandals since I can not wear my new shoes due to my injury. *laughs* But what if I get cold. Maybe some jeans and a cute low cut top? Nah the dress I am sure is what it will be. With my cute hoop earrings... I am super excited for this show. Been on my Dom tip all last week and this week so I can learn all the lyrics and rap along with him....

Oh and I finally get my MRI on my knee tomorrow before the show. Lets hope there isnt any real damage to my poor knee. I don't want to feel old at the ripe age of 32 anymore.


Why dont *I* see it?

67 pounds gone. FOREVER. And I still don't see it. In my mind, I look like the 262 pound Erica. Yes, that is how much I weighed when I started out on this journey. I know it will be like this for a long while. But its sooo frustrating. Sometimes I wish i had kept at least one pair of my old jeans to see the difference. I gave them all away so that I couldn't/wouldn't go back. I went from a size 24 to a 14. If I didn't have a tummy, I'd be happy! Like honestly happy. I said my goal size was a 14. But my tummy says HELL NO! *Chuckles*
 Sooo here are two pics I could find a side view of me. Two years apart. Geez I sure have been complaining a lot lately. o_O I really don't mean to but sometimes I need to vent and what better place to vent than my own blog! lol Okay, I guess looking at the pictures, I do see some loss.
I am sounding a bit crazy, so i will stop typing...
for now....

Monday, April 16, 2012

Putting it all out there....

Sooo lately I have been wondering what was wrong with me. I am a decent looking chick, chubby, but I got a cute face so I've been told. But I am single. Do not go on dates, hell I dont think I have been asked on one in a long while, and if I have, its been some dude whose idea of a date is to come to my house to "watch movies." Um NO! Well I have figured it out, so I think. I am unavailable. I have not let go completely of my past. My divorce. I am admitting it here in hopes to finally let go. My ex and I are "friends" meaning, when things go his way, we get along. Once I say no or do something he does not like, he makes my life HELL and I go along because I rather keep the peace. I usually keep my personal life, personal but I have to let this go. How in the world do I move on? It has been 3 years now and I have met an amazing person who I let go because I am stuck on someone who I am no longer with. *slaps myself in the forehead*

Soo now I have another issue. WHY am I not motivated?! Now with my hurt leg, I know I cant workout but my eating choices have been so bad lately. My soda intake is not okay. I actually put a picture of a fat woman up on my computer screen as a reminder what I do not want to look like. *sigh* I wish this was so much easier. I did not have the lap-band put in so I can stay fat. Do I not love myself enough to want this for ME? It is so frustrating. Someone give me some tips. Because I need to get to my personal goal by my birthday at the end of the year...

I have so much more I need to get out, but will wait on it...
Sincerely a tired frustrated woman!

Friday, April 13, 2012


So today has been a hectic day at work, for the first half of the day our system was down. Which would be cool if it wasnt friday and they didnt threaten us with working over the weekend. My son plays baseball and I am NOT missing a baseball game. Nope. Cant do it. Then I get these rude complaining customers mad because their adult novelty isnt up to par. Ummm doesnt anyone know you can get ____ or _____ for FREE?!?! I need a nice stiff .... drink...... BevMo will be on my first stop when I get off of work!

Oh I never thought about this, the lack of a love life may be also a reason why I am so on edge! I need a date or something. Maybe its time I open myself to going on dates. If Cupid is listening, please send me a nice handsome man with goals who is on their "grown man status" cus if i meet one more 30 year old "rapper" I may scream!!!!


Hurt Knee = No Workouts + A Funny..

So I am pretty bummed. About two weeks ago, I fell and hurt my knee pretty bad. I am still limping around. I have not been able to work out. I am feeling it too. I think I have actually gained some weight. :(
So here is a funny story:
I havent been able to really clean up too well because I cant stand too long otherwise it hurts. So I decided to put away some clothes that were on bed. I am hanging up clothes and then bam, I trip over my son's shoe and fall AGAIN! So not only did I fall two weeks ago, I fell again the day before yesterday. Needless to say, my leg hurts a bit more. Its more tender now. So not only did I fall again, I fell INTO a box I have in my closet full of the kids school stuff and important papers that I need a filing cabinet for. And was STUCK there for a good 10-15 minutes before I could get up. I cried then laughed hysterically. Only me..

I have been wearing a knee brace. It helps some but really, I just want to be able to move my knee normally. I am supposed to be getting an MRI but my insurance hasnt approved it. Soo I will continue to pop pain meds at night and be in pain during the day walking around like I got a crippled leg. Not that there is anything wrong with a crippled leg, if you got one ;)

Ok I think i am done complaining now!