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Monday, April 23, 2012

Band so tight..

that I actually feel a good amount of restriction. Which makes me happy! I went to dinner with my co-workers yesterday and ordered blackened talipia, Mac and Cheese and Garlic mashed potatoes. Where was my mind at when I was ordering. No Veggies. *shrugs* Anyway so I had all of 3 bites of the fish, 2 of the mac n cheese and 3 of the garlic potatoes and i was full. I was totally okay with that. It felt good knowing that I was feeling restriction. Guess I should eat properly and I would feel this way more often.
So my leg is still hurt. Here I am 3 weeks later and I am still having issues. It moves a bit more but I am super stiff in the morning. It takes a while to get my leg moving. MRI is tomorrow morning. Hopefully its nothing serious or I didn't damage it more by walking on it.
So I guess I should have finished this blog. LOL Oh well I didn't.
I got my MRI on Saturday. Um is it supposed to hurt? I didn't think so. While they were doing it i felt pin and needles in my knee and it started to spasm. Not cool. AT ALL.

So now we shall see what is going on with my knee. I am kind of sick of walking crazy!

This weekend went by too quickly. We had the little league carnival Sunday. I was out there most of the day. Got home, cooked some yummy chicken with some bacon and cheese over it. The most delicious chicken I have ever made! lol And baked sweet potatoes. I kind of want to cook that tonight as well but the boy has a baseball game so I am sure I will be eating an El Pollo Loco side salad and a chicken leg.


  1. You're eating pretty good meals over there, I see. Although I would've cleaned the entire plate of that talapia, macaroni, mashed potatoes. Thinking, those potatoes were your veggies.

    Good luck on the knee. I'm sure both Iman Shumpert and Derrick Rose feel me when I say this.

    1. Don, I'd totally give you my left overs! LOL
      My MRI has not came back yet and it still hurts. Hopefully they will call me today with some results.
      Thanks again!