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Monday, April 30, 2012

Rude People

So I have been thinking about posting this since Thursday and well I am just going to post it and if someone has a problem, oh well.
So my son plays baseball and my ex-husbands sister came to his game. Its very well known she does not like me, and I don't care much for her. She acts like shes better than others. Pssshhh please, I know your past. Its way worse than all of my "mistakes" 10 times over. ANYWAY so the coach asked me "Is your mother in law coming?" I laugh and say "Um shes not my mother in law" in a joking manner. We always joke that way. So my snotty ass ex sister in law says "you should say you EX mother in law" as if anyone was speaking to her. I turn around and say, "your mom actually asked me if it was okay to just say my daughter in law because it is an awkward situation saying ex daughter in law" and turn back around.
Fine, i get it, you don't like me. You don't have to. I had three kids with your brother not you. Mind your damn business. My ex's mom and I get along fine. We don't always agree on things but I do love her. She has been there for me even after David and I divorced. Hell I see her more than her own kid does!
I never will understand her need to make snotty comments. She needs to worry about why she looks older than my mother yet shes younger by a few years maybe 10.
Anyway that was mean. But whatever. I'm done venting.


  1. Don't let that bizzer get you down. I had an aunt that did that same shit to my mom and my parent's weren't even divorced. It hurts my mom to this day and I'll never forgive for that. There's always weird jealousy with SIL's. Keep your head up. The only thing that will piss her off more is seeing you happy.

  2. Try your best not to let her get to you. People only make snide comments like that when they know they have an effect on the other person. If you don't pay her any mind I'm sure she'll think twice before wasting her breath in that manner.

    Just a thought. Keep your head up and remain positive.

  3. What a bitch......

    ....oh yeah, I'm rude too.