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LilySlim Weight loss tickers

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

My Atl Trip!

So I am back from Atlanta, sadly. I had a great time and was so worried about the eating situation. I got there early and checked into my hotel and went to sleep for a couple hours. I spent all day at City Of Ink. That place is awesome, if you are ever planning on visiting ATL and into Tattoos make sure you check em out.
Anyway, I was tattoo'd by Melvin Todd. He is awesome! Great personality and wonderful artist. I am truly honored to have his work on my arm for all to see.
I ate at Varsity's (never again), Slice, J.R. Crickets and Waffle House. And I managed to lose 4 lbs while out there. How did I do that? I have no idea, maybe cus we walked alot. Oh, and I didnt snack. So woo hoo for me for not gaining any weight while away!

Here is the outcome! Lovely right!! I want to post more pics but as we know, my work does not allow us to get on to sites so i cant snag my pics yet lol
XOXO til next time...


11 Weeks...

Wow, has it already been 11 weeks since I've had the lapband done?! Time is flying by..I am at 40 lbs gone as of right now. Cool. I want more. As Josh would say, I dont want to be ordinary i want to be great! LOL So im hitting the gym tonight with my new gym buddy Lily, her son Max is on Kavika's baseball team! It's so great to meet other parents with similar interests. I have been kind of slacking on measuring my food lately. :( So i gotta get back on that. Although i do not think i over eat, i would like to see exactly how much i am eating.

Damn im always slacking on finishing my blogs, that was started 4/6. Anyway im just sending "as is" lol