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LilySlim Weight loss tickers

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

My Atl Trip!

So I am back from Atlanta, sadly. I had a great time and was so worried about the eating situation. I got there early and checked into my hotel and went to sleep for a couple hours. I spent all day at City Of Ink. That place is awesome, if you are ever planning on visiting ATL and into Tattoos make sure you check em out.
Anyway, I was tattoo'd by Melvin Todd. He is awesome! Great personality and wonderful artist. I am truly honored to have his work on my arm for all to see.
I ate at Varsity's (never again), Slice, J.R. Crickets and Waffle House. And I managed to lose 4 lbs while out there. How did I do that? I have no idea, maybe cus we walked alot. Oh, and I didnt snack. So woo hoo for me for not gaining any weight while away!

Here is the outcome! Lovely right!! I want to post more pics but as we know, my work does not allow us to get on to sites so i cant snag my pics yet lol
XOXO til next time...


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