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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

New Pics

So i went out over the weekend and wore my new dress! Its soooo darn cute! I looked hot if i dont say so myself LMAO *tootin my own horn* I dont wear much make up, just a lil lipgloss and some powder...

Before the club

Picking up Myisha

Myisha and I in the car

So we went to Club Curves. Its hot as hell in that place. I must have sweat out about 3 pounds. lol But i had a great time. I danced almost all night. I cant wait to do it again.


Monday, July 25, 2011

Eating Out..

I took the kids to eat dinner last week at this great and cheap. I got a chicken tosada. Explaining to the waitress that i needed a smaller portion, she looked at me sideways. I wonder what goes through peoples heads when I say i need a small portion or when i ask for the food AND a to-go box. Oh well that really does not matter. ;)
So does everyone else find it hard to eat out and stay within the amount of food you should eat? I did good that night i have to admit, i was stoked that i was gonna have some yummy left overs but the next day, the chicken didnt like me and ended up getting stuck and well I threw it out :(

Sunday, July 17, 2011


Wow has it really been six months since my surgery?! I went in not knowing how things would turn out. All I could think was THIS has to be the start of the new me. And here I am, six months later and so much happier. I never thought I could feel this way AND look this way. As of right now though my band is way too tight so that means i am unable to eat anything without it coming back up :( I knew that could happen, and all i need to do is go back to the Dr so they can remove some out of the band and ill be good and off these protein shakes. Although they are good (Body Fortress Cookies and Cream - Walmart $14.) I really want to eat lol Yah, im greedy. Finding so many people on Twitter that have had the Lapband is awesome! Reading their tweets inspires me. I just wish i had the motivation to work out on a regular. I went from a size 22 in December to a size 16 now. I am a happy woman. My first original goal was
 a size 14 and now that I am pretty much there, I think I would like to be a size 9. A 14 is still too big for my small frame.


Pictures for your viewing pleasure lol

Me 12-24-11

Me 07-15-11

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Car Accident

Soooo a lot has happened since my last post. I went to Las Vegas for Memorial Day weekend. Had a good time hanging out and going to the movies. On Monday as I was heading home, i got into a car accident. My poor Saturn Ion flipped THREE times. And I was not hurt! *God was with me, as was my Gramma Kella*

I am so bad at keeping up this blog. I dont know why, its not like I have anything else to do when im at home ;) Anyway, here is a picture of my car...

I ended up buying a used car, a little red toyota corolla with less miles than the my poor ion. I miss my Ion so much! :(