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Monday, May 7, 2012

Losing Weight

I will be completely honest, I have stopped trying to lose weight at this point. I eat what I want (if i can eat it) and with my leg hurt, I don't exercise. But I am losing about a pound every 2 weeks which is fine by me. I have just found it so much harder to keep track even with using my fitness pal. So i have laid off on writing down every single thing I eat. Its more annoying than anything. I keep a mental note of what I eat and if i go over my allotted calories, I do. If i don't, its cool too... I find that when I do not try I lose. Kinda crazy huh. I mean I don't sit here and eat junk all day. I'm just not so worried if that chicken leg is 90 calories and the salad is 200 adding in something else isn't going to kill me.

Not saying that this is the right choice, as long as I don't gain weight, I am okay. I wish i knew how to exercise to tone up without using my knee since I really don't have full movement of it. I go to the doctor on Wednesday to see what the next step is. I really do not want surgery to repair it. I rather try to rehab it. I regret going out that night. One night messed up my workout plans.
Does anyone know of any exercises that can be done without full use of the knee?


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  1. Find a DVD of chair exercises. When my mom had her knee surgery I rented a DVD for her that she used to stay toned until she was cleared to rehab and workout.