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LilySlim Weight loss tickers

Friday, April 13, 2012


So today has been a hectic day at work, for the first half of the day our system was down. Which would be cool if it wasnt friday and they didnt threaten us with working over the weekend. My son plays baseball and I am NOT missing a baseball game. Nope. Cant do it. Then I get these rude complaining customers mad because their adult novelty isnt up to par. Ummm doesnt anyone know you can get ____ or _____ for FREE?!?! I need a nice stiff .... drink...... BevMo will be on my first stop when I get off of work!

Oh I never thought about this, the lack of a love life may be also a reason why I am so on edge! I need a date or something. Maybe its time I open myself to going on dates. If Cupid is listening, please send me a nice handsome man with goals who is on their "grown man status" cus if i meet one more 30 year old "rapper" I may scream!!!!


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