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Thursday, October 10, 2013

The Chili Monster

Sooo lately I have been super obsessed with Wendy's Chili. Every day I order a small chili with cheese for lunch. The lady knows me now. Has my order ready for me! Now I don't spend a lot, but $2.15 Monday through Friday ends up to be $43ish a month. Does anyone have a really good chili recipe that is similar to Wendy's so I can cut costs?

Does anyone else LOVE their chili? 



  2. I could honestly LIVE off of Harris Teeter chilli, but it's $4 for the container. So I found this recipe a while back but haven't made it:

    I think I'm going to have to try the Wendy's version on my way home!

  3. I buy a can of Amy's Chili ($2.10) and mix it with a can of low sodium blackbeans (.99) and that makes about 4 lunches. Might not be quite as nice as Wendy's - but it works!! I don't add cheese, but getting alittle bag of shredded would work (I think they are about $3.00). Even with th cheese - that would be 5 lunches for 1.22 each! Followed you to here from Hollee's blog! Thanks Hollee!!

    1. math is hard - 1 can of Amy's + 1 canof black beans is 4 lunches - not a weeks worth (5). So it would be $1.52 a serving. Still a little savings. I like the Amy's SPICY best.

  4. I used to have a crush on Wendy 's chili once upon a time, cause it was so good and inexpensive. Every now and then I still order some.

    I have eaten some good homemade chili, but could not tell you the recipe. All I know - it was delicious!