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Friday, May 16, 2014

Dr Visit.

May 8th I had an appointment with the PA from my Surgeons office. I told her the issue I was having which is I do not get that restriction that I used to get. I am able to eat more and I am hungry not long after I eat. So she decided to pull out all of my fluid to see if it matches up with what was put in at the last appointment in March. She was able to pull 6.5CC's out (I had 9.6cc's) in the first go around. She had a hard time finding my port and really hurt me getting to it. My port is slanted so she actually had to grab it through my skin and hold it. Can we say OUCH!?! She decides to get rid of that liquid she pulls out and fill me back up to 9.5. When she goes back into my port, she pulls out an additional 1.5cc's. Which is not an indication of a leak. So she fills me back up and makes me gulp water, I feel hardly any restriction. I leave the office and do my normal liquids for the next day or so. Well here I am, 8 days later and still no restriction. She said to call the office if I have no restriction. Unless I can get in on Monday or Tuesday, I will have to wait until after my vacation next week. Oh by the way, I have gained 14 lbs since March. FML!

What could it be? I am seriously at a loss. So frustrated!

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