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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Start of a new life

So here I am. 30 years old. Single Mother. Working full time. I decided a while ago that I am sick of being plus sized. Not that I am unattractive as a big girl but really, i dont like myself! So for the past couple of years I have thought about having the Gastric bypass. I kept putting it off because I was scared. So finally, enough was enough. I talked to my doctor about having some type of weight loss surgery. And here I am now, I am a month and 24 days pre-surgery. I guess I made this blog so i can type my emotions out well because this is kinda a big deal to go through. My children arent too thrilled with my decision as they are kind of scared for me to have an actual surgery. I just know that this will help my health. I am now diabetic due to the weight gain. Otherwise, im pretty darn healthy! So high five to me for that! :) Anyway, lets hope i can keep up with this!  My surgery date is 1/17/11 talk about a new year and a new me! My goal is to be a size 14, which is still considered plus size to the world sadly.

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  1. Erica, I am so happy for you and your decision. You will do great! I'm glad that you started a blog, its really good to look back on and see the transformation. Its something that I shold have done but didn't. Lol. Well, I wish you the best of luck on your journey to a new you! I'm always here if you have questions about it too! Much love. Xoxo