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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Horrible Blogger

Yes, I am well aware that i have been a horrible blogger. I dont even know when the last time i blogged was, but im back so with that said, I have not lost any weight since my last adjustment in July. I have been 213 since then, well i gained a pound so I am now 214 by the Dr scale. Mine, says 212. I guess I need to really start having an actual workout and not just walk. It has been almost 8 months since I had the lapband and I am down 50 lbs and the PA said that my weight loss is fine. I feel like it should be more but hey 50 lbs is 50 lbs and i will take it. My band is now at a 7.1. Feeling a bit restriction now. So i shall be good. I have been doing well with it. This may be my last adjustment. Now its my turn to work my booty off literally lol. Now a question for ya'll: Is anyone having isses with their port site being bigger than the other side of their tummy?
So here is a couple pictures of me now:


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  1. You're looking sooooo cute!!

    Don't stay away so long - we've missed you!