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Thursday, August 9, 2012


So lately I have been taking Biotin because my hair just would not grow.. I am a couple week in and let me tell you, my hair is finally growing and so are my nails. Having any WLS you are supposed to take a few vitamins and I suck at that. I take b complex and biotin and thats all. :/
My hair is growing and is full and looks healthy! I am loving it. The vain part of me is excited since I cut my hair back in October pretty short for me. It wouldn't grow until now. Its almost down to my bra strap!
What other vitamins do my WLS people take?


  1. I'm a bad girl and don't take vitamins. But I think I'm about to start taking a multivite. My doc says even just a double dose of Flinstones is better than nothing!

  2. I need to start taking vitamins and I am glad you mentioned Biotin. I will be picking up some soon. I am a new follower and LOVE the blog. Come by and say hello.