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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Eff Planks!

So I've been wanting to try them and because they looked so hard I always thought to myself "Nah, I'm good." So the other night, Sunday, my oldest kid said she did them in swim and that they were hard. I got down on the floor and decided to plank. I was able to hold it for about 45 seconds, let myself down for 10 then back up for 30 seconds and that was it. Lord help me. That madness is hard. But guess what, I keep doing them. To see how long I can hold myself up. Hopefully I have challenged myself  enough to make my tummy go away some.

I even showed my co-workers how to plank this morning. I got on the floor at work and did it. Even the "fit" bka skinny girls could not hold themselves up much! Which made me feel awesome!

My other co-worker said she met with a personal trainer through her gym (its free) and she said that he made her stand on that half ball looking thing with kettle balls and do squats. Ummm I would have probably fell out. lol She invited me to join her on Sunday to work out. Since my babies will be with their dad, I am going to take her up on that offer and hit the gym with her.

Its always easier for me to go workout when someone is there with me, not that I will sit there and talk, but I don't feel so "alone." Its good to have a support system.

Well it's time for lunch! Gotta eat this turkey, bacon & avocado sub!



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