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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

So it's done!

I've been a bad blogger. LOL I had my surgery on MLK Jr Day. The 17th of Jan. Let me just say, it is harder than i thought it would be! The first week was killer, i was sore and swollen, still am swollen and a bit sore. But i would do it all over again. Besides the fact I am on a restricted diet still, all is well! I have also been going to church as well. Its time to make over myself! Not just my body but my mind as well.
The week following surgery, i was on that liquid diet and let me tell you, Malt o Meal became my best friend! LOL Broth is nasty and the cream soups are gross too. I am already a picky eater so trying to find something I liked was hard. Monday, the 24th came and i was able to eat a bit more. So i made a scrambled egg and let me tell you - that was the best egg in the world. It took me so long to finish one egg and i was full with just that. So crazy! Cottage cheese for lunch with some applesauce was great too. LOL Imagine the look of a kid in a candy store when i got to eat semi normal food!! I can tell a difference in my clothes that I have already lost some weight. I cant see it in me but my pants are baggy and a couple of shirts that were tight are loose which makes me so happy!
My first appt for the follow up is Monday i believe, i will get to see how much exactly i've lost and get my first adjustment. I am nervous about that. I dont know why. I am trying to walk as much as possible. I go on walks daily to get some sun. It feels soooo good to be able to get out in the day and see what the world is like during "work hours."
The past week i would have never survived had Lamar not been there to help me. Although he kept saying "you'll be alright" when i would say ouch or whine about my pain, him being there helped me not to be sad cus i was alone lol. He also was an accessory to me chopping my hair off!!! Dang him! I cut a lot off. o_O Imma miss his company now that things are slowly returning back to normal.
Anyway I'm going to get off this computer and walk my moms evil dog so i can get some sun!

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  1. yes, go walk your brother and you could have been with us! :D