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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Blogging just to blog

I don't really have too much to say really, I am 10 weeks out or so with my surgery and still learning how to eat and get the most out of what I eat. I find myself eating chicken and eggs only because its so easy to eat. I have to admit, i find myself wanting some chicken and corn bread with some sweet potatos a lot. lol But there is no way i can fit all of that into a half a cup meal lol So i will just wish.
In just 2 short weeks, I will be headed to Atlanta again. I am so excited about this trip, but at the same time, nervous. How is my body going to react with food :/ And am i going to be able to tolerate the southern cooking? lol Yikes! Just have to remind myself to not over eat.
Tonight I am going to a Lapband support meeting with my mom. She needs to understand that I can be healthy eating only 4 oz at a time. I do take a few vitamins for that reason. At least my hair isnt falling out as much as it was before. ;) I think I actually gained a lb since last weigh in :/ dont ask how that happened cus im not really sure? ugh.
I wish i could upload pics from work but they blocked attachments from coming into our emails. smh. Really? Is it THAT serious? I have so many to post. My face is so different looking.
Ahhh ish! It let me save one pic. So here I am :D
This is a before pic:

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