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LilySlim Weight loss tickers

Friday, March 18, 2011


So my stomach looks so much better, no redness or anything. I am going to assume i get my first fill on the 22nd. 9 weeks from my surgery date! Man this has been a long 9 weeks. I am down about 35 lbs now from my scale. I havent seen this weight since I had Kianna. 0_o. I often ask myself, HOW did i let this happen?! Why did i allow myself to get so dang fat. smh. But i really dont have a response to it. I would always say, Yah im fat but im cute so it dont matter! Yes, it does matter cus although I am not unattractive, my mind was! Inside i was miserable. And you could tell by my attitude. I see myself differently now. I may not be anywhere near my goal weight, but I already feel different inside. Anyway when i first had the surgery I was a size 22, I am now fitting into a Forever 21 size 16. I am unsure if those run big or what, but a SIXTEEN!!! woo hoo! Now dont get me wrong, if there isnt any stretch, i cant fit into a 16 lol Probably an 18. But whatever I have a pair of size 16 pants on now *takes a bow*
I miss my friends. I feel kinda lonely. My bestie is in Vegas, and i havent spoken much to any other friends here. So tonight I have decided to take my butt out! I havent gone out since New years eve. I dont count Vegas cus really, i was still recovering and my butt should have been home anyway lol. Most of my clothes are way too big so I gotta figure out what I am gonna wear out. :/ And do I have one drink or not. I havent had a drink since before my surgery so I do not know how it will affect me. I am kinda scared.
Anyway gotta get back to work

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