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LilySlim Weight loss tickers

Sunday, October 16, 2011

I am such a slacker..

So I said i was going to post my scale pictures and I ended up getting frustrated because the line up of them kept getting out of order. I was trying to post them in the correct dates and stuff and they were just not doing it right. Anyway I weighed myself and I am now 207.6! woot woot. it is such a slow journey compared to others, but really, who cares. This is NOT a race. This is my life. So i may be a bit slower on the weight loss but hey at least im not gaining.
I felt like i needed a change so i cut my hair. It was to the middle of my back and now its to my neck.

 I really love the new hair. It looks so healthy... Anyway have a blessed sunday!


  1. I think you look AMAZING Erica! Who cares how fast or slow you lose the weight! Like you said, its your life, not a race! Anyways girl, keep up the great work and keep your head high! You're doing a great job and your gorgeous, as you always have been! Xoxoxoxo

  2. I love, love, love your new hair!! Your hair just frames your beautiful face sooo perfectly!!

    Always remember, we are ALL in a marathon - never a sprint! It is a journey...

  3. You're doing great, who cares if it's a little slower than others? I bet it's way faster than some! Also, I love the hair. :)