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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Holidays & Such

So the holidays are quickly approaching. I did not realize that Thanksgiving is only 9 days away. This is my first holiday with the lapband so I am kind of nervous. I was kidding around today when I said I would take my own plate with me to Thanksgiving dinner than I thought that it was a good idea so that i do not over eat. If it can not fit on my plate, it should not be eaten, right? My plates I use at home are kid plates with the sections on it. It gives me a sense of how much to eat. It works well for me when I am at home. I have had this blog about a year now. Woah thats insane. I dont write as much as I would like to but hey, I am here sometimes!
In 2 days I will have had the band for 10 months - Now i wish i could say i had hit a record  or got under 200 pounds by this point. But I haven't. And I am okay with that. By my 1 year I would like to have gotten to that under 200 lb goal. Its a very realistic goal since I am only 5 lbs away from it. I need to lose about 55 more pounds to get to my Goal. If i want to get to my weight that I "should be" its 75 pounds. Ill stick with MY goal. Thanks!
In about a month I will be 32. *gasp* I am unsure how to feel, happy that I made it to 32? Especially after my accident. Or sad that I am now 32. Eeeek! For my birthday, I would love to go to Atlanta and get tattooed by Melvin ( but in the real world, I can't. #1 we have a black out period of time we can not take off and #2 I can not afford it right now. I have these dope ideas for my next session with Melvin. I get super excited just thinking about it. Yea I am silly I know. Anyway, for my birthday, I just want a dinner with my family & friends. A seafood spot. Lets hope I get what I want. 
Anyway back to work I go...Until next time...


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  1. Sounds like you are right on track ... no need to be in a hurry and I'll be your 32 year will be the best ever !