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Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Looking at old pictures.......
I do this every day almost to remind myself that I have came so far, 56 pounds may not seem like that much compared to people who have lost damn near 100 pounds in their first year but its a huge weight off of my back, literally. I am human and I allow myself to make mistakes (usually eating or trying to eat something I should not) but that is the beauty in this journey. Being able to make mistakes then correcting them and not allowing yourself to feel guilty. My journey is not going to be like yours, and yours will never be mine. So since I have realized that I wont lose 100 pounds in my first year I have noticed a difference in myself. For the better of course.

These past 10 months have been very emotional for me, I have never allowed my emotions get the best of me. I have held it all in and together. But boy oh boy when they say once you have this surgery things will come up, they sure do. I find myself getting teary eyed over every little thing. A TV show, a commercial. Even remembering my Atlanta trip. Silly, I know. Its crazy how I can go from so happy to so sad and alone within moments. I do not wish this upon anyone, okay well maybe a couple of people. ;)

Next week I take Kianna to go see Katy Perry. I am really not too excited for this to be honest but anything to make my kids happy right? When I took Ayanna to Power House 2011 I seen a smile I had never seen before which made me happy. So its my turn to see Miss Kianna smile i suppose.

Anyway im off to work now...

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