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Monday, December 12, 2011


So I have lost all motivation to be honest. That is my issue. I have none. I am at a very happy point in my life. My home is a home and not some crappy apartment I sleep at. I have healthy kids. My love life stinks, but it has since I divorced David back in 08 or 09 whenever that was. Oh, there was a brief moment when I was dealing with JK, that was nice, until things changed with him. (-_-) What is my issue?! I do well for a good 3 weeks and bam I do something that sends me into a "I dont give a shit" mood for another 2 weeks. I really need to figure out what that trigger is so I can avoid it at all costs. Last week I didn't eat horrible just didn't do my shakes like I had been doing and didn't lose anything. :( Oh well. Its life. So now I just gotta really get on the ball and focus on losing these last 4 lbs so I can hit my under 200 lbs by my 1 year anniversary which is quickly approaching.
I think maybe the fact that I haven't left California since my car accident at the end of May. I need a mini vacation. A refresher. And I will get one when I go back to Atlanta! I can not wait to go hang with my friends and get inked by Melvin, The most awesome tattoo guy ever! lol Anyway maybe that is what is it, I'm semi sad cus i need to get away from Cali. And if its not that, I dunno...
Anyway I think I am going to go to 24 hour fitness after work and see what kind of deal I can get to join. lol I really need to work these emotions out. I hate being emotional. It makes me feel like a cry baby and a "sissy lala" That's not my thing. I'll leave that to others! Sometimes I wish that other Lapband people lived in my area, I think it would help motivate me. Damnit Rhonnie just needs to move to the OC so we can workout together ha! Wishful thinking.
Well my break is over, until I have some more venting...


  1. You'll find it, hon! I always seem to lose mine right before that TOM, but motivation is like bathing... it doesn't last, so we recommend it daily. LOL

  2. I am with Ronnie...although I am laughing at her bathing comment! It somes and goes and visiting Atlanta might just be what you need! There are a few bandsters in the Atlanta area. I am two hours from there but go often. Perhaps sometime while you are visiting you can meet up with us!?

  3. @Ronnie,
    I think you're onto something! Boy oh boy! @Amanda, I will be in ATL sometime in March or April. :)