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LilySlim Weight loss tickers

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

One year


Well here it is! One year since I've been banded! A full year. Well what do i say? In this year I have learned so much about me. And boy with just 57 lbs lost, I have transformed so much. I look at old pictures and I am EMBARRASSED that I ever allowed myself to get so big. Only a few more pounds until I get under the 200 mark. I have started exercising and walking a bit more. Drinking more water. I had an adjustment on Monday. Since the adjustment i totally feel the difference in how much I can eat. I am loving it. Hopefully in 8 weeks there will be a big loss! *crosses fingers*

So I will be heading to Atlanta in February to get more ink from Melvin. I can not wait.. some more Loveless on my body! I think that's the only thing I really get excited about other than seeing the scale move lower, is the anticipation of getting to Atlanta and getting tattooed. Gonna go home and book my flight if the flight is still $167 like it was last night.

Welp the ticket wasnt $167 but I am still headed that way.

My question to you, whoever reads my blog,
 What advice would you have given yourself before you have whatever WLS you had?



  1. To stop eating fast food and never have soda again.

  2. Happy Bandiversary!

    Eat less, move more!

  3. AWESOME! Congrats! That's a lot of hard work you've done in the last year.

  4. I have no idea what advice I'd give myself.

    "Don't give up too much... except toxic relationships."