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Monday, February 20, 2012


Atlanta here I come... I am sitting here so very anxious to be on that plane to the A. All I need to do is pack my toiletries and I am all ready to go! I have nothing planned other than my ink session. Which is the most exciting for me. Just some time away will do me good!
My oldest got 3 books over the weekend and she almost all 3. I am so glad she has found some books that she likes. Usually I have my kids 50% of the time and the other 50% they are with the ex, but I have had them the last two weeks and its been nice. Just me and my babies! We went to the outdoor swap-meet yesterday and walked around. I bought a flat iron because mine crapped out on me and the oldest got some skinny jeans. I should have bought some for myself! $10 for jeans?! That is an AWESOME deal! But I didn't. I really don't think my suitcase needs any more clothes in it.
All I can think about is getting my tail to LAX and flying across the US! My mind is so funny when it comes to my trips. Nothing else matters, besides my kids, I really wish my bestie could have came with me. I sometimes get a little nervous traveling alone. Thankfully, I know people in Atlanta who will keep me company. 
Friday is City Of Ink's 5 year anniversary show. I have never been to an art show, of any sort but it is time to do things out of the norm for me. I planned my trip for this time due to the show. I am excited!
Is it bad that I haven't even gotten my tattoo and I already want another one? o_O
Okay i gotta work for now...


  1. Wanting another tattoo and haven't received the first one. Hilarious.

    I've never attended an art show neither but it sounds like fun. And I will never forget the smiles on the face of my daughters when they were younger and I'd take them to the bookstores with me. You'd thought they'd found Willie Wonka's Chocolate Factory.

    1. Its an addiction I tell you. I keep promising myself "only one more" after each one.

      I shall take lots of pictures of the show for a blog when I come home! It sounds like loads of fun!
      My kids hate reading :( So to see her read books is awesome! I love to read, they are so not like me!