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Monday, February 6, 2012

Such a great weekend...

So since yesterday was Super Bowl Sunday, i tried to avoid going anywhere that may serve tasty snacks as I had tons of calories Saturday night drinking all night. So that meant I was going to stay home. Anti-social because of food. Not the way I want to live my life. I went to the Swapmeet in the early afternoon and decided  I was going to eat a Papusa. Those things are always so tasty. So I walked for a couple of hours looking at all the pictures, and whatever else was being sold. I stumbled upon a booth with Loungefly items and sunglasses. I love love love Loungefly. They always have the best purse/wallets. So I bought myself the cutest purse/wallet combo. Its black with cream "day of the dead" skulls on it. See below:

All of the sudden I am really into this type of stuff. I want to decorate my living room with pictures. I want kind of a "dark" feel in my living room. Not sure why but I just do.

So Saturday night I went to my favorite club, Cantina lounge, in Fullerton. I haven't went out since my birthday in December. It was nice. Met my friend Melvin and his people up there. Wore this dress:

So don't mind the fuzzy pictures, I was already pretty intoxicated when I got home and thought it was a good idea to have a mini photo shoot with my blackberry *sigh*

All in all my weekend was great! Didnt over do it with food!
Oh wait, I went shopping with my great friend Rhonnie - I met her momma for the first time, Joan is AWESOME! Seriously I dont think I have laughed like I did in so long so shoutout to Joan!
So I just re-read this, and i am so random - excuse that part of me, I can never stay on track with a story. XOXO

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  1. Love the dress, glad you had a great weekend!